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The Stangl & Kulzer Group is opening up a further technological and innovative business area with the development, design and production of lightweight structures of CFRP. Roding Automobile GmbH, founded in 2008, has established a strong niche for itself in the automotive industry with the production of functional prototypes as well as future-oriented concept vehicles in lightweight construction with electric drives.

The automotive division within the company group receives manufacturing support from the divisions of precision technology and carbon technology. A decisive competitive advantage, which allows Roding Automobile GmbH to achieve very short development and production times in vehicle prototyping. 

Performance through lightweight construction

In addition to engineering services, unique sports vehicles in small series are produced in the Roding Automobile GmbH premises.

Lightweight materials such as carbon fibre reinforced plastics, the application of state-of-the-art production processes, coupled with German engineering skills, have led to the creation of a highly individual and spirited automobile.

The Roding Roadster R1 – an exclusive sports car of the new generation in carbon lightweight construction. This lightweight sports car is also used by Stangl & Kulzer group as a technology demonstrator.

Modern factory

Every Roding is unique. With great attention to detail, all Roadsters are custom made for the buyer. The manufacture of each Roding Roadster is supervised from beginning to end by a chief mechanic. The final assembly is carried out by hand by highly qualified mechanics. A team which experiences the passion of automobile emotions every day.

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