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präzisionstechnik - cnc drehteile

Precision engineering

We make it precisely

Milling, turning, flat, round and profile grinding, honing, wire and sink erosion – these are the disciplines of precision engineering which represent the core competency of the Stangl & Kulzer Group.

Precision made to measure

As a specialist in custom-made precision parts, we leave nothing to be desired. We manufacture components using almost all machinable materials, from prototypes to serial production. These, in turn, are used in sectors such as the automotive industry, electronics and electrical engineering, the aerospace industry, medical technology and in tool and mould making.

We support our customers as a competent service provider. Rapid order processing, short delivery times and flexibility characterise our work.

Convincing precision

On the basis of the high quality of our unique horizontal and vertical spectrum of production, the company group is regarded as a leading service provider in precision engineering. And this far beyond the borders of the region!

A prerequisite for this range of precision engineering are the continuous investments in technologies and high-tech machinery which prove themselves the equal of all technical requirements.


Stangl + Co. Präzisionstechnik  Roding

Prototypes, zero series, small series production, serial production

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