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Employees of the Stangl & Co. GmbH Präzisionstechnik in Roding
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Employees Stangl & Co - plant Waldmünchen
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Employees SK Carbon and Roding Automobile


Prototypes, zero and small series, series

We respond to your specific needs, from development up to the production of high-tech precision parts. We offer a unique production depth in milling, turning, flat, round and profile grinding, honing, wire and sink erosion as well as component assembly whenever required.

Lightweight construction using fibre reinforced plastics

Using special processes, we develop and manufacture high-quality lightweight structures made of fibre reinforced plastics such as carbon (CFRP).
Whether you need a prototype or serial production, SK Carbon Roding will accompany you from the idea to the final lightweight construction component.

Service provider for development and design

Specialising in the development and design of lightweight structures, Roding Automobile is an engineering service provider for various industries.
The most well-known development to come from this creative powerhouse is the Roding Roadster lightweight sports car, which is manufactured in small series by hand.


Benedikt Kulzer to take over family-run company

The continuation of the family business Stangl & Co. GmbH Präzisionstechnik is secured.

Mastercam award for Stangl+Kulzer group

Mastercam honored Stangl & Kulzer group for the 250.000 license.

System supplier for the industry

Using fibre reinforced plastics such as carbon, the Stangl & Kulzer group provides complete solutions from a single source, in both metal processing and lightweight construction. This has made the company group into a competent system supplier for various branches of industry.



The core competency of the company group is precision engineering. Custom-designed high-tech components are produced in different sizes and variations. Our main disciplines include CNC turning, CNC milling, sink and wire erosion, round, flat and profile grinding, honing, as well as laser marking in a unique spectrum of vertical and horizontal production. Assembly whenever required.

“Just-in time deliveries” for the automotive industry or other branches of industry are the order of the day for us - whether development parts, individual parts, serial production or mechanical tools.

Maschine list

Our maschine list available for download.

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