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Stangl & Kulzer group realised vehicle project for Isdera

Already in April this year Isdera presented a Grand Turismo of the future at the Beijing Motor Show: the Commendatore GT  

Stangl & Co. GmbH Präzisionstechnik and Roding Automobile GmbH made a significant contribution to the development of the Isdera Commendatore GT. In particular years of experience in the development and production of high-tech precision parts, composite parts and electric drive technology were key to a successful cooperation with Isdera. The project enabled the use of the entire spectrum of products and services of the Stangl & Kulzer group.


Isdera and the new Commendatore GT

ISDERA presented the iconic Commendatore 112i in 1992, which, at the time, set a benchmark for supercars. The Commendatore GT presented in April at the Beijing Motor Show – Auto China at the booth of WM Motor could easily achieve the same. Lead by Managing Director Stefan Peters, the design and engineering company from Saarwellingen has developed a 2+2 Grand Turismo prototype with remarkably unique features. The second prototype will be ready in the middle of this year.

“The Commendatore GT very much represents the uniqueness of ISDERA. Eberhard Schulz always strived for a balanced combination of design and engineering, but a perfect outcome was never in question. We faced very similar challenges with the Commendatore GT - combining a high performing e-powertrain, including a substantial battery capacity, with a lightweight concept and an emotive but timeless design “, says Stefan Peters.

Achieving such results for a small company like ISDERA is, of course, only possible with very reliable and experienced partners. In particular, Stefan Kulzer, Stangl & Co. GmbH, Günther Riedl und Ferdinand Heindlmeier of Roding Automobile GmbH, B.eng s.r.l. and Gregor Gardavsky with his team of Technicon München contributed substantially to the success of the project.

According to Stefan Peters, ISDERA has built up an extensive partner network over the past 35 years. It is still growing by teaming up with start-ups, thus enabling ISDERA to accomplish very challenging tasks with short lead-in times, achieving high-end quality within a reasonable budget.

The Commendatore GT was shown at the booth of the Chinese EV start-up WM Motor. WM Motor presented three purely electrical SUVs.  

The Commendatore GT provide an outlook on the further development of ISDERA. “ISDERA will always remain a service provider for other OEMs. It will be a partner to develop holistic solutions in the upcoming challenging transformation of the automotive market. This [transformation] will require substantial know-how - not only in design but in combination with changing engineering requirements. This needs flexibility as well as speed. For ISDERA this has very much been its core business for 35 years. With the new markets in Asia, and in particular China, ISDERA has great opportunities to expand its business further”, commented Stefan Peters.

ISDERA has been a sole subsidiary of Sinfonia Automotive AG, a German based investment company, since 2016.


ISDERA (short for “Ingenieubüro (Engineering office) für Styling, Design und Racing’’) has provided high-end design and engineering services for 35 years. To the international public, however, it has become very well-known through its outstanding supercar creations.

Besides its pure design work, the core competence of ISDERA also covers the development of e-mobility solutions, the development and implementation of lightweight vehicle structure concepts as well as vehicle integration.


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