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Roding Automobile builds prototypes of the City Transformer CT 1

prototyp city transformer

Vehicles for urban areas. Vehicles for people who just want to get from A to B. Electric, changeable in size and in the car sharing system. This is the mobility concept of the start-up company City Transformer from Israel, for which Roding Automobile GmbH is building two functional prototypes. 


The special feature of the City Transformer (CT) is its variable wheelbase. The wheels can be retracted and extended even while driving. In its wide state, i.e., with the wheels extended, the City Transformer can reach a speed of up to 90 km/h.  If things get tight or it's difficult to find a parking space, the City Transformer transforms into a narrow vehicle by reducing its wheelbase to one metre. In this smaller state, the CT can then be driven at up to 45 km/h.


To realise the urban vehicle concept, the Israelis got the Roding Automobile team on board. Based on the design data, we developed two drivable prototypes of the City Transformer. The challenge was to implement the retraction and extension of the wheels, which we developed together for road use. We are currently working on the approval of the prototypes for road traffic. 


The prototypes of the City Transformer CT 1 will be presented for the first time at the IAA from 7th to 12th September 2021 in Munich.


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