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Benedikt Kulzer to take over family-run company

Stefan and Benedikt Kulzer

Anyone with any knowledge of the Stangl + Kulzer group of companies has long known about the succession of Benedikt Kulzer. Even during his studies, he was committed to the company and was often to be found at the side of his father, Stefan Kulzer.

The continuation of the family business Stangl & Co. GmbH Präzisionstechnik is secured. A special roadmap has been developed for the takeover of control to put the company on course for the future. Tasks and objectives are being defined step by step up until the final handover.

A milestone in the succession process was achieved in November 2019. At that stage, Benedikt Kulzer (27) had already joined the management of Stangl & Co. GmbH Präzisionstechnik. Together with his father, Stefan Kulzer (57), both are now steering the fortunes of the high-tech industrial company in Roding with a branch in Waldmünchen. 

Stefan Kulzer knows: "Being an entrepreneur is a really tough job that only an idealist can do."  He never put pressure on his son to join the Stangl & Kulzer group of companies. But Benedikt's path was already clear from a young age. He would someday follow in his father's footsteps and continue the family business.

He learned everything from the bottom up. After graduating from secondary school, he began training as an industrial mechanic at Zollner Elektronik AG. He then studied industrial engineering at the Deggendorf Institute of Technology. During his studies, he spent a year abroad at BMW in the USA and completed his studies with a Master of Technology Entrepreneurship. All his educational activities were aimed solely at applying the knowledge thus acquired in working in his father's company, as far as possible. "It is something of a luxury to be able to gear everything to the ultimate goal of corporate succession when choosing a training program," says Benedikt Kulzer. 


The young Master of Science also brings a breath of fresh air to the high-tech company. He has made digitisation a priority for the next few years. Intelligent networked machines that communicate directly with IT systems and employees. The digitization process in production and throughout the company is already in full swing. New structures and forms of organisation help to secure future growth opportunities and competitive advantages. The new slogan "We materialize the future", which is already a reality for the whole team, fits perfectly.


The definitive company takeover by Benedikt Kulzer is planned for 2022. As the junior manager takes over more and more of his father's tasks, Stefan Kulzer will withdraw gradually from the company management. After the final handover in two years, he will work for the group in an advisory capacity only.


In 1988, Stefan Kulzer founded the company Stangl & Co. GmbH Präzisionstechnik together with his business partner Johann Stangl, who passed away in 2017. Together, they established their company as one of the leading manufacturing service providers for customer-specific high-tech precision parts in Germany.

Always looking ahead, both business partners invested also in other high-tech sectors. In 2011, they founded the SK Carbon Roding GmbH for the production of fibre-reinforced plastic parts and, in 2009, the Roding Automobile GmbH for the development and production of lightweight vehicles.

Today, the Stangl & Kulzer group, with its headquarters in Roding, is a globally active group of companies in the technology sector with around 365 employees.


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