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Fibre reinforced plastics

The Stangl & Kulzer group is focussing on "Materials of the future" in the relatively new "Carbon" business unit. This includes fibre reinforced plastics such as carbon (CFRP), fibre-glass reinforced plastics (FGRP) or Aramide fibre-reinforced plastics (AFRP).

SK Carbon Roding GmbH which was established in 2011, manufactures high-quality lightweight components from fibre composites using special processes. Prototypes or complete series are manufactured from the initial concept to the final component.

These lightweight components are mainly used in the automotive industry. But lightweight components made of fibre composites are also being increasingly used in renewable energy systems, medical systems, sports equipment, as well as in the industry in general due to their outstanding properties.

Lightweight components save energy and costs

Any form of mobility involves costs and energy. Here, the weight plays a crucial role. Any savings in weight contributes towards improved energy efficiency and towards reduction of operating costs.

In contrast to conventional materials such as metal, the use of CFRP is a winner across the board:

Light, stable, can be shaped individually, corrosion-resistant, heat and acid resistant, just to name a few properties of the fibre composite.

Discover the potential of lightweight design for your products.


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